The cornerstone of effective business execution is to get things done through others. This is the fundamental role of good leadership. Leaders define the company culture by setting goals and priorities, by being actively involved, and by putting the right people in the right jobs that are also energized and optimistic. These topics will help you assess the gaps in your company’s leadership capabilities and will provide ready-to-use strategies for improvement.

Accountability That Works

Study accountability in the context of continuous quality improvement. Create greater team effectiveness by ensuring that each task within a project has an owner; learn to be accountable without being defensive, and create accountability-based questions that focus on results. Create a safe environment for accountability with full comprehension of the five core areas of accountability.

Applied Strategic Planning

The goals of the organization are met by effective leaders who make decisions with the strategic plan in mind. Learn to align long- and longer-term strategy with the mission statement, and measure strategic goals against vision, values, and culture. Work with performance analysis and gap analysis. Examine successful strategy for implementation and monitoring.

Building Commitment to Change

Organizational change can strengthen and improve performance; it requires skillful leadership. Garner authentic commitment to the new direction as quickly as possible by understanding the emotions that employees will experience during progressive stages of change. Recognize the self-defeating attitude, and skillfully redirect to overcome resistance. Keep organizational objectives on track in the face of change by building solid commitment from your team. Learn to create a climate that will accept and encourage changes.

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Lead a team that leverages the advantages of a culturally diverse composition. Learn techniques to overcome barriers that stand in the way of a diverse workforce. Distinguish between affirmative action, valuing differences, and managing diversity.

Managing Stress in the Workplace

Recognize symptoms of stress in others and understand the effect of stress on employee behavior. Increase your ability to adapt to ongoing changes and demands; learn how to structure work environments to minimize stress. Move stress from a negative to a positive influence in yourself and your organization. Contact us today Apply Now Apply Now