Translation Overview

WI is committed to providing the finest translation service in a professional and timely manner. We work with clients to assess the translation needs and customize the best solution for them. We respect the valuable time of our clients and emphasize the creation of a translation plan that has a minimal impact on a company’s daily operations. Our program involves 3 key steps:

  1. Evaluation
  2. Before we begin the actual translation, we extract and translate the key terms, taking into consideration industry-specific issues, and cultural- and country-specific issues. This is especially important in projects that involve more than one translator, to maintain consistency in the writing style and terminology usage.

  3. Translation plan
  4. After evaluation, we create the translation project and assign best translators to the task.

  5. Translation Review & Delivery
  6. When a translation is received back from the translators, it is passed to our editorial review team. This team-first reads the translation to make sure it has contextual relevance in the target language. The reviewers then compare the translation with the original to search for any missing elements.

Translation process

The translation itself will be performed by the translators noted above. Each of these translators is a professionally qualified translator, with at least 3-10 years of experience in translating documents from English to French, Portuguese to English, English to German and vice versa, and with which the center has good experience of Trados translation memory software will be used in the translation.

The Institute will ensure an initial review of the translation by the group of three translators noted above before forwarding it to the principal Translator. After the translation has been completed, the Principal Translator, or his designee, will review the translation for quality assurance and consistency in the use of the List of Key Terms. Upon completion of this review, the Principal Translator will send the translated document to the client for the review.

The document translated will be reviewed and provide comments/feedback, for example highlighting any areas that may need to be further amended. Feedback regarding the translation of certain phrases and sentences which were difficult to comprehend or translate will be provided to the Organization throughout the translation project.

Translation Approach, Methodology and Work Plan

Great translation is not solely based on correctly translation word of word. There are important yet invisible factors to take into account such as the context, the tone of voice, consistency of your translation, and whether your translators have enough of those information to help you do a great job. The most important, a well-defined process with an experienced account manager will help a lot.